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How do I set up my Space Monkey?

Last Updated: Jan 03, 2014 03:30PM MST

Windows Support

To setup your Space Monkey device, you'll need to install the Space Monkey client application to your computer (
download here). You will also need to make sure that your device is plugged into your home network and powered on. Things to check:

  1. Network: make sure that you plug the device directly into your wireless or other home router. Use the provided network cable.
  2. Power: make sure that the power cable is plugged in to the device and wall and the device boots, displaying lights in the front (solid or blinking).
  3. Network lights: if you have any trouble, make sure that the lights surrounding the network cable are on. They may be flashing rapidly - this is a good thing; it shows network activity.
After the device is powered on and plugged into the network, run the Space Monkey desktop application. After logging in, you should be presented with the device selection screen:
This window will show all available Space Monkey devices that are powered on in your local network. If you see more than one listed, check that the address listed (the "Device ID") matches the first 12 characters of the Hardware or Device ID printed on the Space Monkey device's label. An easier way to determine your device is to check the "Powered On" listing: this will show when the device itself was powered on.
If you don't see your device listed and it has been plugged in for some time, try rebooting it. You can do this by unplugging it from power for a couple of seconds, then plugging it back in. In some cases, you may need to leave it on overnight in order for your device to self-update to the latest software version. If it still doesn't appear after trying this, email us at support@spacemonkey.com.
Once you've identified your device, select it (by clicking on the entry) and click "Use This Device". Provisioning the device will take a few seconds:

Assuming all goes well, you should see the following success screen:

If you don't have access to your Space Monkey device, you can still install the Space Monkey client. Simply close the Space Monkey Setup wizard.  When you do so you'll see the following notification:
When your Space Monkey device arrives, after you've plugged it in and powered it up, the Space Monkey application will notify you that it has found a new device - and you can continue the setup process as outlined above. If you miss the notification, simply click the Space Monkey menu and select "Setup Device" to continue the setup process.
If you run into trouble during this process, please contact support@spacemonkey.com

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